- Quality accommodations

- Affordable rates

- Convenient Location
- Located directly on Trail 10

- Located 750 yds from
   the entrance

   to the Pocahontas Trail System

- Drive your ATV to the Trail      

Free Wi-Fi

- Free cable TV

- Air conditioned

- Convenience store next door
Restaurants nearby
Private baths with shower
- Towels/bed linens provided

Same rate regardless of the number of guests!

A local, family-owned small business, Bramwell ATV Resort lodging in Bramwell WV is located at the southern gateway to the Hatfield McCoy Trails. Our accommodations 
​sit on the banks of the
​beautiful Bluestone River.

ATV rider airborne over dirt trail
View of cabin
View of old Post Office brick building converted to Lodging Rooms1 & 2

We sell Trail Permits
We are not affiliated with Pocahontas ATV Resort.

Bramwell ATV Resort offers:

The Pocahontas Trail System has a direct connection

to two other Trail Systems, Indian Ridge and
Pinnacle Creek, creating the largest continuous
trail system ​east of the Mississippi River!  

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Hatfield/McCoy Trail systems



Nowlin Apartment

Sowers House


View of the old Post Office with trucks and ATVs in front.


We offer quality accommodations at affordable rates, saving you time and money. But don’t just take our word for it!  Our customers give us rave reviews!

Made our first trip of the year to H&M trails. First stay in Bramwell at Bramwell Resort. Clean, Convenient and Close to the trail. Can't ask for anything better. Best value I have found to date. Thank you all for a great 4 day trip. We will be back and probably with a bigger group. You have the room and the place to stay in Bramwell. We hit all of Pocahontas, Indian Ridge and Pinnacle Creek from 1 location. NO TRAILERING!  ~ K Horn

Bramwell ATV resort is our home away from home!  ~ J. Butler

The BRAMWELL ATV RESORT is a great place to stay! Trust me we know from a lot of experience and trial and error. It's quiet and the friendly staff are always eager to help you in any way they can and make you feel right at home. It has easy access to 3 of the Hatfield and McCoy trail Systems and easy access to the outlaw trails as well. The Rooms and Cabins on the property are very clean and well kept, you can tell that the owners (Bill & Tammy) and there staff take great pride in there establishment. They all go above and beyond to ensure a wonderful stay! We look forward to our next trip. ~ Julie Burton

Bramwell ATV Resort Lodging, West Virginia


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Latitude:    37°19'48.28"N   Longitude:  81°18'24.65"W

About The Resort

View of cabin and fire pit next to Bluestone River


[ 328 Simmons Ave, Freeman wv 24724 ]

Bramwell  ATV  Resort